River Isla

The River Isla (Gaelic: Abhainn Ìle) is a tributary of the river Tay and it runs for 46 miles from the Angus glens through the fertile Strathmore Valley in Perthshire.

The first fish tend to arrive in February or March, with good runs in April and May, depending on the water levels. The Isla has some of the best spring fishing in the Tay system.

In the summer months thrilling sport is provided by the grilse run. They take only a few hours to reach the Isla from the sea so the fish are in beautiful condition. When the river level drops in the summer, the river has some deep pools where the fish hold up.

But if bigger fish are sought then September and October can provide both numbers and size with the arrival of the main later run of fish that will spawn in the Isla itself.

The river is easily fished as it runs through flat farmland.

Photo of a 4x4 down by a boat on the River Isla
The isla is very easy to access